Some of the most courageous people I know have ADHD. Inconsistent behavior can make our brains victims of pessimism, overwhelm, and shame in difficult situations. Every day we need to overcome the doubts and move forward in our lives. Research shows that our brain can be trained to choose resiliency over pessimism. I find these questions help me be my own best friend when faced with a difficult time.

    • What am I feeling in my body right now and name it? (My face is hot and I feel SHAME.)

Do I really actually know the story I’m telling myself is true? (Watch the negative language, it’s usually not true.)

  • Has this feeling happened before in this situation (Is this a pattern)?
  • What would my best friend tell me? (She will point out the things you can’t’ control and your remind you of your greatness.)
  • Call your best friend (for real)!


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