I’m participating as a co-host at a local live Christian Women’s event in Indiana called Broken, Beautiful and Bold.  In this event, seven courageous Christian women voices will share some of the most vulnerable lessons taught by God and faithfully share them, not with their best friends in a small intimate setting, but with total strangers on a live stage!

I am NOT doing that, praise Jesus!

My part is easy and small.  I’ll introduce those talented voices by sharing their bios and interacting with the crowd.  This is not hard and falls easily into my skill set.  If you know me, you know that… I love people, I love my God and I have the “gift” of gab.  As my little preschool friends say, “Easy,  peasy, lemon, squeezy” (tiny hands dusting off).

But as I contemplate the big day, the actual event, and God’s purpose for me as a very small part of this endeavor, I find I that I’m wanting to rearrange the title of this event.  I have wondered at “why” the semantics seem to be getting in the way, now.  It is not because:

  • I’m a control freak.  I’m not.
  • The title doesn’t sound good and roll off the tongue delightfully, not that either.
  • I’m a techie nerd and the SEO isn’t going to get us ranked very high on the internet.  I’m certainly not one and I have NO idea of our ranking!

It has to do with very personal reasons in my own Broken, Bold, and Beautiful story of faith.  You can read my story  and my choice to leave a career in education to become an ADHD coach and consultant here, but I digress.

Let’s start with the original text, shall we? My long-time friend and event organizer of Broken, Beautiful and Bold ministry, Angela Harrington, states on her homepage that the mission and purpose of Broken, Beautiful, and Bold is based in these beliefs that we all are:

Broken by the World: Each of us is born into a world that has been broken by sin and we are broken by it. Our experience with our own brokenness can create overwhelming compassion for our neighbors.

Beautiful and Redeemed by Faith: Only by the immeasurable love of our God can we be redeemed. We are made beautiful again by the self-sacrificing love of our Savior. Plain and simple, God loves us and we reflect His beauty in our daily lives.

Bold in Pursuit of the Spirit: Motivated by love for our Savior, we choose to  pursue the Holy Spirit. By answering the call of the Spirit, we learn to grow bold in our faith. Our boldness and compassion reflect God’s love into the brokenness of the world.

Yep. Yep. And yep.  

I totally agree with Angela, we are all broken in this world.  I see we are all redeemed by faith and we most certainly can be bold in our pursuit of spirit.  But for me and my process to deeper faith and closeness to God, it is about knowing brokenness, then moving boldly to become beautiful in the knowledge of God’s love.  Let me explain how this works for me.  I’m sure God has a special process for you, too, if you think it over.  

My process starts first with figuring out I’m broken.  

I MUST acknowledge it.  This can take a while to admit to myself or it can be a very short trip.  Either way, I must accept that my ego (has again) hijacked  my “perceived” plan God had for me and I may have to wallow for a while and pity the mess I’m in.   But then  it comes to me that I must move forward.  I can’t stay here.  I must make the move from “mess to message” and it takes action on my part.

For me, any action becomes boldness because when I’m scared or frightened I don’t FEEL like going forward.  So any movement, even the most simple ones, become bold and spring me into forward motion.  When I’m fearful, it can be bold just to hold my head up and face those who hurt and have used me in this broken world.  I need boldness and courage in small ways to step forward because my fear can debilitate me at times… even as I have professed faith.

I need action or I stay lost in fear.  So I make a small move and it feels BOLD!

It is boldness and action FEEDING my professed faith, making me more than functional in this world.  And it is this boldness that leads me to my own special beauty, recognized by God, which is my power.  The power of being who I am in Christ.  Boldness is… me, being ME!  By accepting I’m flawed and imperfect, and at the same time,  loved and cherished by a God who sent His only son, I realize my beauty and power.

Boldness is the vehicle that gets me from my lack of faith (fear) to knowing that God has it ALL under control (faith).  Boldness reminds me that I am not forgotten, or lost, or unimportant!  It is this process from fear to faith that reminds me of my redemption through Christ.  For me, that can only take place with action leading me to the knowledge that I am protected in the palm of His hand.

So to my long-time friend and colleague, Angela Harrington, I have a special request about the order of the words of our live event even though I …

  1. Know you have created all of those wonderful flyers with Broken, Beautiful and Bold emblazoned clearly in that precise order.
  2. Understand many sponsors have signed on to the event known as Broken, Beautiful and Bold.
  3. Get it that tickets have been sent out the door embellished  with the”BroBeBold” mantra…

Can we pretty, please call the event Broken, Bold and Beautiful in that particular order for little ol’ me?  I know it’s a silly request and, yet,  I’ll make it all the same because I can’t help myself and I know how my particular brain works…

Whatever Angela’s verdict on my silly request about the “renaming” of the event and wherever you find yourself in the process of  becoming BOLD, redeeming your BEAUTY or accepting your BROKENNESS, I hope to see you Saturday, May 10th at Tree of Life Atrium in Marion, Indiana.  Happy Easter, my friends!

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