When people find out I work with ADHD clients who are notoriously unmotivated, considered underachieving and often seen as unreliable, they wonder if, in fact, I can help at all. It seems so counterintuitive to them.  I see the leveraging they bring to the ‘Game of Life’ and that can make them successful but not everyone is there, yet

I always respond, “It depends.” That answer is not a cop out, I assure you…And it gives me the opportunity to educate those who are unfamiliar with ADHD coaching by addressing the reality that not everyone is ready for coaching.  It’s not that they are incapable, but often they haven’t hit the place in their lives where changes are desperately needed or necessarily wanted.  Successful clients are ready to take action and make some changes but often don’t know ‘how’ or ‘what’ the changes will look like.

My role in the partnership is to develop those goals by helping the clients recognize their resources and strengths to leverage time in accomplishing their desires in life.  We talk about their talents (ADHD clients have many that go unrecognized) and we work a plan using those strengths.  Using what they have makes them successful.

In fact, I don’t take new clients on unless they demonstrate to me the readiness for change and desire to take some action. For me coaching is about:

  1. Empowering my clients
  2. Clients taking responsibility and take action in their own life
  3. Clients learning to understand how their particular brain works for them
  4. Clients getting clear on ‘what’ it is they are trying to accomplish in their life

Recently, I guest blogged on Lollie’s Week’s Fortuitous Housewife website and she candidly discusses her questions about working with a coach (How does it really work?) and how she went about choosing one (She asked all the right questions).  I’m sharing her site because I also enjoy her talents as a photographer,  her ability to ‘surf’ life with a mishmash of interests, her views on parenting, and staying connected to those she loves. Here is the link to my guest blog on the differences between coaching and therapy.

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