Wow! Christmas 2015  and New Year 2016 are both in the record books and it’s easy feel a little flat after all the flurry.  Now, February is almost gone and for those who follow the stats, the New Year resolutions for the majority have long fallen to the wayside.   The luster of ‘new’ intentions has gone dull and it’s easy for the ‘not enough’ mentality to creep back into my life when I see all that has not been accomplished.  My ADHD calls for me to keep intentionally and purpose at the forefront of my goals but reflection on the undone can make me feel underachieving or, worse, like I let myself down. Do you feel that way too sometimes?
Some argue that we should not even attempt New Year resolutions.  They are a waste of time.  But if you are someone who is a “do-er” or one who sets intentions, that is just not an option to consider.  People with a purpose do not languish or ‘stew in our own juices’.  We can learn to take breaks, yes.  But it is intentions moving forward that propels us.  And… because we move forward there is ALWAYS the temptation to look backwards.
My looking backwards shows up when it seems as if my ‘perceived’ time fritters away and it feels that I have nothing to show as I look at the list of items or deadlines I didn’t complete.  Is the coaching group outline completed? Nope.  Is my gift to new subscribers ready to be shared on the website? Nope.  The facts of the matter are I had been sick over the holiday season causing me to recuperate and  put myself first rather than my business plans.   But more importantly, I chose to have a business that revolves around my family.  I’m not going to feel guilty about following through with my life’s intention by looking back with regret, am I?  No.  So it becomes important that I acknowledge this time of year and its impact on my ‘not enough’ habit.
This loaded time of the year has included anguishing over the goals and actions that have gone unaccomplished and tasks left undone.  But this year I’m giving myself a ‘kick in the pants’.  I’m not falling down that hole.  So I’m looking at what was actually accomplished in the year.  Just the hard, cold facts of my accomplishment based on the intentions set this year and not the yearnings of things left undone. Check out some of the highlight of my year:
  • I’ve completed all the hours and training to reach the first level of coaching certification, Board Certified Coach. This included taking online courses for 16 weeks.
  • I started Karate classes with my son to have fun and support my healthy life choices.  I’m now getting ready to test for my orange tip belt.
  • I dropped several organizations freeing up time which are no longer fulfilling my shifting personal goals.
  • My new website has been launched and contains the content needed for me to truly express my goals as a coach, helping me to have a larger impact supporting those with ADHD.
  • My work with colleagues from across the states (from Oregon to Maine) is allowing me to impact the larger ADHD coaching community by planning the International’s ADHD Professional Conference.
  • My personal health goals are on target as I have lost weight and have learned to make healthy meals form myself and family.
  • My goal to help others understand how their ADHD brain works grows with being asked to present to Lynn University and National Association Professional Organizers (NAPO) this spring.
  • I’ve been able to keep our family calendar synchronized without too much havoc.
  • Consistently finding time to be with my friends (see the Q & A at the bottom of the newsletters) by having lunch with friends monthly.

You know…as I look backward with the gaze that lingers on the things accomplished. Its fun to see what I DID get completed with my demanding family life and work in coaching business.  So, now I challenge you to give yourself a ‘kick in the pants’ and STOP thinking about what you haven’t accomplished but share what has been put into motion and completed from last year. Let’s get out of the not ‘good enough’ funk and keep moving forward with our intentions and goals THIS year.


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