After many days of gray skies, cold winds and snow, it’s good to be out seeing the sights and enjoying what life has to offer.  Last week our family decided to slip into Indy for a night and day to stretch our legs and spend some family time together.  Enjoying museums, touring Banker’s Field House and watching the Pacers play basketball were all on our ‘to do’ list.  Here’s a snapshot of my brood at the Soldiers & Sailors Monument Circle in downtown Indy.
I’ve always known the monument as a stately and ornate presence in the hustle and bustle of city life.  But it wasn’t until I walked up the dozen steps to the monument’s facade that I was able to really examine the many details lost in the rush as I passed.  Gazing into the blank eyes of the carved stone faces, I couldn’t help but wonder what their eyes landed on as many seasons, cars, and walkers passed by them.  It really started my mind thinking about new perspectives and how we discover them.
Simply shifting the angle of one’s head with a slight tilt, slowing time down for a moment, or becoming just a little more curious can be all it takes to see a whole new view in an old, familiar landscape.  Check out my blog written several years ago about my changing a perspective on the differences between fitting in and belong, which once shifted, I could never return to again.
So… here is to looking at things differently, finding new angles to view our surroundings, and expanding our notions of how things ‘ought’ to be.
DeShawn Wert learned that ADHD can affect adults as well as children when she was diagnosed with the disorder late in life. “It allowed me to recognize and develop my own action plan and leverage my strengths,” she says. It also inspired her to become an expert, book contributor, and presenter in this field. DeShawn earned her Bachelor of Science degree in early childhood education from Purdue University, her Master of Education degree in curriculum design and her administrative certification from Indiana Wesleyan University, and completed her ADHD coach training through JST Coaching & Training for children, teens and young adults. A resident of Indiana, she works with clients all over the globe using her guiding principles of it’s “Your brain. Your terms. Your life.

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