Professionals & Entrepreneurs

All my hard work and effort ‘hit the wall’ when I failed to learn how to manage my ADHD and advocate for myself in the workplace.

My strategy, that had worked for years, had gotten me noticed and made me a standout in my field deserted me when I was promoted. It no longer served me because:

  • I didn’t look after my personal needs and stand up for myself.
  • I was unable to delegate and got caught up in the mundane items that didn’t serve my role in the organization; And
  • I failed to create systems that made me more productive.

Frustration, exhaustion and fear were ruling my world then.  Not the amazing connections, innovative approaches and sheer enthusiasm which I was capable of producing.  I share that difficult time in my life and how I chose to move forward in my blog   here.

That unforgettable and life changing experience forced me out of my quiet life of educations and into my coaching career.  I could no longer stand back and watch intelligent men and women feel bad about their gifts just because they had no idea how to use them to their advantage.  A real desire to see others with ADHD succeed and not succumb to negative self talk compelled me to start this coaching business.

I’ve spent years working with professionals and entrepreneurs helping them to look at their unique brain functions and start leveraging it to work FOR them, not against them.  I’ve contributed as an expert to books, podcasts, and presented at workshops helping to spread the word…

If you are looking to leverage how your brain works, get clear on what you want to accomplish, and are ready to take action,  lets connect. I excel at helping  individuals in finding their ADD answers.