I’ve been thinking a lot about quitting lately. Dirty Words in My House The thought of quitting was a dirty […]
Back in the day, I taught a preschool and had a Garter snake given as pet.  That opportunity gave me […]
In my work, I see that it takes more than action plans to change...it takes a mindset and belief that you are not 'stuck', that you have strengths and capabilities that can be welded and used to accomplish your desires and intentions. A choice you decide for yourself to move forward and see another 'season' coming is one of the most powerful ways to start changing.
ADHD parents are called to do more because our culture makes it easy to dismiss ADHD kids as lazy or disrespectful because they behave differently than their peers. As a result, I have found that most ADHD parents want as much information on ADHD as possible. In fact, most parents I work with have read nearly everything they can get their hands on and worry about their child’s school performance, hoping their child is able to “pull it together.”