After many days of gray skies, cold winds and snow, it’s good to be out seeing the sights and enjoying what life has […]
Wow! Christmas 2015  and New Year 2016 are both in the record books and it’s easy feel a little flat […]
In my work, I see that it takes more than action plans to takes a mindset and belief that you are not 'stuck', that you have strengths and capabilities that can be welded and used to accomplish your desires and intentions. A choice you decide for yourself to move forward and see another 'season' coming is one of the most powerful ways to start changing.
I was diagnosed at 48 with ADHD. My "go to" strategies that had worked for me all my life failed me. They were the tools I developed in elementary school were perfected into college. They were harder and stay longer! They worked really well for me for a long time.